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How Do You Buy Your Dream Recreational Property?

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Have you always wanted to have your own property on which to hunt or fish? Do you want to get more time outdoors and less time sitting in the car getting to the good spots? Buying property to be closer to your outdoor activities used to be a difficult, expensive process, but with the proliferation of data on the Internet, buying a piece of your dream is much easier these days.

First, you should consider whether or not the property is a good investment to begin with. Things like road improvements, city sewer, electricity and natural gas will make the property more valuable if you need to sell it down the road. Don’t be fooled into purchasing property for more than its worth, even if it has an excellent fishing spot tucked away.

Then, you should consider what type of outdoor activities you are looking to do. If you want to hunt, you will definitely want to decide what type of game you’ll be in pursuit of. It wouldn’t do much good to buy property known to be traversed by bear if you hunt elk and vice versa. Conversely, if you are a fisherman, you will want to be adjacent to a body of water – again, containing the type of fish you are after. A lake may be stoked with perch and sunfish, whereas a creek may have a natural trout population. You would hunt and fish both scenarios with different gear and different techniques, so this is an important deciding factor.

So, you’ve decided you want to hunt, fish, or even both. Now, you’ll need to decide the general location of the property you want to buy. Do you want to be surrounded by BLM forests, a few miles down the road from the stream, or do you want to never leave your own property? The rule of “Location, Location, Location” is true for all real estate, and includes recreational property. The primary limiting factor here will be your budget – property with enough room to hunt and fish on-site will be more expensive than a parcel directly adjacent to hunting grounds, which will be more expensive than a parcel just outside of town.

In the same vein, it would be wise to think about what type of permanent shelter, if any, you want to have. Some properties come with a rustic cabin or shelter already built, others have a suitable building site, and still others might only have a clearing for a tent. If you will be spending extended periods of time on your property, it would be nice to have a home base to clean up, store gear, and unwind. If you plan on only using the property for a few weekends per year, a tent may suffice for your needs.

Now you’ve thought about what you want to do, where you want to do it, and roughly how much you’ll be able to spend. Now what? We would suggest you take a look at the area you’re looking at in more detail. Google Maps has a “terrain” feature that allows you to visualize the topography of the land, including any creeks, lakes, roads, and public land boundaries. While it isn’t quite as good as the USGS topographic maps, it is much faster to get an idea of what the area looks like before going more in depth with a topo map.

And of course, enlist the help of a good, local real estate agent. Western Mountain Real Estate can get the answers to the questions you want answered about improvements, access, and more if you’re looking to buy a hunting, fishing, or other type of property.

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