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Colorado’s Back Country Yurts

YurtDid you know that Colorado has a vast network of back country huts available for every season? Whether you want to really get away from it all to see the Milky Way or ski in truly untouched snow, there is a location for you.

Ranging from simple yurts to cabins with running water, these retreats offer an experience like no other. Some allow pets, some allow multiple guests, and some are simple huts big enough for only a few people. Any way you go, these huts offer an experience of which legends are made.

10th Mountain Huts

The largest and most coveted network of huts is named after the 10th Mountain Division. During WWII, a select few soldiers trained for cold weather in the mountains of Colorado, constructing and using huts for refuge and stop-over. Today, the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association acts as a caretaker to the original and newly-constructed huts.

With more than 30 huts, they offer an experience for everyone. Reservations can be a challenge due to their popularity. But with persistence, flexibility, and a little bit of luck, you can get a coveted spot in one of the huts. The organization offers several ways to reserve a space:

  • In Person: The organization has a physical location in Aspen where interested parties can stop by during normal business hours to check out availability and discuss possible itineraries.
  • Online: Reservations are not accepted online, but the organization does maintain a website where parties can swap reserved spaces.
  • Phone:  Most reservations for the huts are taken by phone at 970-925-5775.

The 10th Mountain Huts association has a map posted with the locations of their hut networks. The closest 10th Mountain Huts to Salida are just under two hours away near Aspen.

Other Hut Networks

While the 10th Mountain Huts are often the most popular, there are other huts, yurts, and cabins in the back country of Colorado, offering the experience of the 10th Mountain Huts in different packages. There is a list of well-known huts posted here. Accommodations from 2 to 30 people are available and prices range from $20 person up to $300 for more luxurious accommodations.

Whichever direction you choose to go, the back country huts in Colorado are an unparalleled experience that you will cherish for a long time to come.

Living in Salida or the surrounding area affords you the opportunity to be exceptionally close to the back country action. If you you’re looking for to buy or sell a property that will get you closer to your dreams of back country Colorado, call us now: 719-539-1900