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FIBArk Returns to Downtown Salida June 12-15


You may or may not know that Salida is surrounded by one of the best recreational whitewater rafting areas in the entire county.

The Arkansas Headwater Recreation Area stretches 150 miles along some of the best whitewater the United States has to offer – ranging from Class II to Class V rapids, the river offers something for everyone from the tame to the wild. Every weekend, hundreds of private and commercial rafters take to the river to test their bravery and to have some fun, making the AHRA the most popular stretch of river for white water rafting in the country.

It’s only natural then, that we celebrate a great start to the season of river flow with a festival in Salida. Starting on June 12 and continuing on through June 15th, FIBArk celebrates our deep connection to the river and all the recreational opportunities it provides. With music, contests, competitions and some good old fashioned hooliganism, Downtown Salida is the perfect place to be Fathers Day weekend.

For more information about tickets and events, check out the FIBArk site:

For a fun video about one of the events, check out the FIBArk Money Challenge video on Youtube – you’ll be glad you did.