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Fun Summer Activities in Salida

5 fun summer activities to do in Salida, Colorado

Are you planning to travel but still unsure where to head to? Or do you want to have an unforgettable adventure this summer but you’re still low on cash? Whatever the reason why you can’t travel, money or location, you don’t need to fret as we got you covered with Salida, Colorado. Thanks to this amazing city in Chaffee County, you’re all set for an exhilarating adventure while sticking on a budget.

Here are the five exciting summer activities you can do in the beautiful city of Salida.

  1. Fly in a Zipline

What’s fun about summer? Little rain, of course! And so you are free to run around the city without any worry. Try being superman for a day with the Captain Zipline. Ask anyone who went on a Zipline adventure in Salida and you’ll only hear that they were glad they did it.

  1. Go on a wild and wet adventure

Are you an adrenaline junky who loves the water too? You’ll fit right in with one of the most popular activities in Salida, Whitewater Rafting. Yes, it’s kind of tricky sometimes, riding the waves of a wild river but you know what they say, you only live once so make the most of it!

  1. Biking in the city

Explore the wonderful city of Salida using a bike! Or even better, go on mountain biking for a fit adventure that will really suit your need to exercise and to see gorgeous views as well. The Colorado trails will take you high on the mountains without you even knowing it.

  1. Revisit the past

Salida Museum is an established museum in Salida, Colorado. They are good in presenting the local history and making sure that each guests can get to know more about this amazing city they are visiting. It comes as no surprise that locals highly recommend visiting the Salida Museum to tourists because they know, their guests will thank them for it.

  1. Wine tasting

You can never go wrong with Salida’s wines. The great wine with subtle yet smooth aftertaste can make you want for more. Tourists love the attraction of being able to smash grapes and tasting the wines they made. If you will be heading to this wonderful place, don’t forget to savor the moment.


There you go! Come visit Salida today so you can experience this amazing city.